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8 Ratings

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Danny is hilarious. If you love to laugh you have to buy this album! You will not be disappointed. What are you waiting for? Get on with it already!

Buy this album and enter into a whole new comedy universe

Cleveland Craig

Danny Hatch is going to be a big star … and it’s so much fun listening to him continue to develop as a comedian, working out material under the watchful eyes of his mentors and co-hosts, Keith and Chemda, creators of the podcast phenomenon, “Keith and the Girl.”

If you’re not familiar with “Keith and the Girl,” run, do not walk, to the subscribe button on your podcast player. Once you’re in love with them, buy a VIP membership to get all their spinoff shows, including this one: “That’s the Show With Danny.”

It’s such a wild, funny, intelligent, interesting world Keith and Chemda have created with their podcast. Their guests, friends and co-workers have made that universe even richer over the years. THEN, along comes Danny, who started as their intern several years ago. It was soon obvious to everyone that Danny had something very special. A fledgling comedian who came to NYC from Oklahoma, Danny awkwardly, uncomfortably and self-consciously burrowed his way into the hearts of Keith, Chemda and their listeners. They gave him a spinoff show, which, if I recall, was only about 10 minutes long at first. The logo of the show tells the story very simply: The pros, Keith and Chemda, help guide and mold Danny’s early attempts at comedy in the first episodes, but slowly (and still awkwardly) Danny went from background player to master of his own destiny. His early self-consciousness became his present-day charm, and though he’s still in the early stages, it’s clear Danny has all the makings of a great comedian. He’s certainly one of my favorites — right up there with Paul F. Tompkins, and that’s saying something!

Danny, I can’t wait to watch as you continue on to stardom.

In the meantime, everyone should buy this album and enjoy the origin story of Danny "the Hatch” Hatch.

Hilarious album


This is such an excellent funny album. It is a fantastic compilation of some of the funniest moments, his monologues and jokes. I highly recommend. This was also very well-edited, you would have no idea that these come from multiple shows. A must buy!!!

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