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jmh6ma ,


This is about the best derivative reggae group around-- and, I don't say derivative in a derogatory manner. I mean that these guys respect what they're playing and it's evident that they're students of not just reggae, but music generally. The "Seeds" have been putting it down for years-- yet another stone cold groove. We've got love for you in the States...you don't know how timely this song is over here. Better days...

About The Black Seeds

Inspired by funk and soul, but even more so by reggae, the Black Seeds took shape in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1997. Their first album, Keep on Pushing, wasn't issued until 2001, but by then, they had already established themselves as a strong live act, and their first release solidified a fan base that spread through France, Belgium, Australia, and Switzerland. The follow-up, 2004's On the Sun, went double platinum in the band's native country. Into the Dojo, released in the middle of 2006, debuted at number one; in addition to touring throughout Europe, the band also played some dates in the U.S. ~ Andy Kellman

Wellington, New Zealand