12 Songs, 51 Minutes


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Great CD

Suzanne Grzanna

Love her voice and original songs!! A must to have in your CD collection.

Seamless weave


The Latin rhythm never ceases to amaze and entertain me and it’s so light and exquisite on ‘I’LL NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE’ with the trumpets and backing voices sailing in. I love the brass section with the sax and piano nicely swinging on ‘WOLF’ and the great feel of the title track ‘BETWEEN THE MUSIC AND THE MOON’. Strings add a nice dimension to the feel of ‘NOTRE AMOUR’ and the ballad style of ‘AFTER ALL THE TIME’ is exquisite!

Wolf on "Between the Music and the Moon "

LaLa Luna - Honolulu

I love this well crafted version of a favorite fable. The wild Wolf and little Miss Red Riding .
Maggie Herron delivers a playful and a skillful jazzy rendition. I bought
the song and have it on my iPhone. Truthful , I rarely fo that.
Yet, it was a must have. Now , I can listen to it over and over. If I need a happy start to my day, when the day gets blah, or when I' m our on my power walk. I tap Maggie Herron for 'sure to please me' music.
Check out all the sings on this extra fab award winning CD. Each a winner.

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