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6 Ratings

You gotta see Bobby live!


Having just seen Bobby's R&B show in Austin (1-14-12) I can attest to his ability to thrill in a live venue. This Tokyo concert is Big Band all the way (which I love too) and it captures the same magic as his R&B show. This evening was captured so beautifully and I recommend you download this, pour yourself a cognac and just sit back and imagine yourself there! If this music moves you (and I believe it will), his BLUE CONDITION and COME RAIN OR COME SHINE are both in the same big band vein and thrill to no end. On occasion, but not often, you'll hear some background glass-tinkling of the guests. This doesn't detract in the least and fact, it really gives you the sense that you're at the party. There are many here who love digital music but like a backup and only use iTunes to "test" music and then buy the disc elsewhere. If that's you: go to bobby's website and he'll send you this disc -- autographed if you like! Win-win! It's a little more, but it's the disc and an autograph! If you gotta have the music now, hit the BUY BUTTON now! I made a disc of this and play it all the time in my car and is perfect travel music!

I highly recommend that if you love Bobby's music that you (1) hit the BUY ALBUM button … and while it's downloading (2) go to his official website (search Bobby Caldwell official site*) and sign up for his Newsletter which will keep you abreast of his tour schedule. He is 60 and still working and still in top form. My wife and I were both amazed at him. Side note: his band members are top notch! Afterwards, he loves to meet, chat, laugh, smile and sign autographs so bring stuff! He'll also have a few CDs on hand to sell if it's not handy to bring something of your own (like the download you just made (see step 1)… he's a regular guy with a razor wit and a so smooth and soaring voice that will delight you before (in your car with the CD you made with this download; during (the show of course) and afterward (when you meet the legend). Go see him!

*I'd put his url on here, but I don't know how Apple feels about that. (It's his first/last name altogether and dot com, by the way)

About Bobby Caldwell

Bobby Caldwell has been a favorite among fans of sophisticated R&B and contemporary jazz since 1978, the year the singer, songwriter, and guitarist hit the Top Ten of Billboard's Hot 100 and R&B charts with "What You Won't Do for Love." Originally from Manhattan and later raised in Miami, Caldwell was exposed to a wide variety of musical influences by his parents, hosts of the television variety show Suppertime. Only a few years after he started studying piano and guitar, he opted to enter the music industry, but it wasn't until the following decade that he signed to the T.K.-distributed Clouds label and broke through with What You Won't Do for Love, his first of several albums. Although Caldwell had a strong following in the U.S., built through continual touring and nine wide-ranging studio albums issued during the '80s and '90s, he also became a superstar in Japan. Throughout the 2000s, he recorded frequently, continued to perform his deep catalog, and starred as Frank Sinatra in the Las Vegas show The Rat Pack Is Back. Several additional albums followed during the 2010s, including sets of standards and big-band numbers, as well as Cool Uncle, a stylistic diversion with admiring producer Jack Splash. ~ Jason Ankeny & Andy Kellman

New York, NY
August 15, 1951



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