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Another magnificent album by Ann Licater


Having written feature articles and reviews about a number of Ann Licater’s exquisite recordings, I was thrilled to receive her latest release, “Beyond the Waves.” And after listening to it, I can truly say that with each new recording, Ann has taken it to the next level. As I have noted before about Ann and her music, the flute has to be one of the most soothing instruments of all, and in the hands of a sensitive multi-talented artist like Ann Licater it’s sound is a gift to the body, mind, and spirit. Ann’s interest in spirituality and the healing qualities of music is evident on this recording and the album provides a deeply relaxing listening experience. It’s hard to imagine a better listening experience for massage, yoga, or just chilling.

On this, her 4th release, Ann plays 11 different flutes (silver, alto and wood) and the album features special guest appearances by a number of highly regarded musicians who have won and been nominated for GRAMMY Awards and played with some of the biggest names in the music industry. In addition to Ann’s earthy and ethereal flute sounds, the music also includes piano, guitar, bass, percussion, violin and soft vocal layers. On this beautifully produced recording, Ann’s influences are more diverse than ever and integrate elements of new age, jazz, and world music. “Beyond the Waves” is the perfect album to drift away on.

Slip Away


This is a wonderful album and it stands apart as one that can pull you in and take you to far away places of tranquil, restful bliss and vast expanses of fertile imagination.
I found ISLAND GARDEN, ECHOES IN THE MIST, and OCEAN LULLABY so very easy and soothing, while DREAMING IN TIME is just perfect for slipping away into some reflections in solitude.

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