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FrancophoneFan ,


I was very happy to find this recording of highlight finally available, however when I listened to it, i found I had been duped! This is not a "remastered" recording but a bootleg made from on old LP. The sound is quite good until what was Side 2 of the album. Scratches, hisses, pops and distortion start to appear in "Big D" and continue on. There is even a "stick" in "My Heart is so Full of You" where the same phrase is repeated 6 times before the song continues!!! Shame on you, I tunes for charging money for this so obvious bootleg recording!!!!

Justcallmeverydisappointed ,


Frank Loesser's score is a masterful classic. City Center's recent revival for Encores may send buyers looking for a recording, any recording, of "Most Happy Fella." DO NOT BUY THIS ONE. The other reviewer is quite right. I've been wrangling for days now with minions at the iTunes network about my purchase of this album. I remain frustrated and disappointed. Song # 16, "My Herart Is So Full Of You," skips (as in the sound of a scrathed, bootleg LP) for 10 whole seconds...over and over and over and over. Lovely. Ruined that song. Can't say I'll be pleased to listen to all the background sounds of a faulty bootleg version of this album ever again, so I feel absolutely taken, cheated, as well. And not a single soul at iTunes, who has told me they'd "report it" has effected a change. I repeat: If you do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY THIS then YOU will be a "Most Happy Fella." iTunes, you've got us all over a barrel. And I can't say I don't hate you for being so irresponsible about your empire.
Many stars to Frank Loesser (though not on this version); minus 100 stars to iTunes.

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