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Magic Man

This Ambrosia, is truly the food of the Gods.

It only seems natural that there would be a "Hi-Five" collection of Ambrosia by Rhino records, and this particular one doesn't disappoint. Ambrosia, as a group released some of the most romantic, nicely written and sung, love songs & ballads that you're ever going to come across by ANY band. You can liken them to a group like Firefall that also specialized in love songs and ballads and had charted many a hit on radio with thier great songs.

Groups like Ambrosia & Firefall respectively have thier place in Rock & Pop history. To my way of thinking, if this is what you have a talent for then so be it, go out and do it. With that in mind both of this very fine bands did just that. Trust me the best of the group Ambroisa, is represented here.

Bascially it makes more sense to me to buy this excellent additon to Rhino records "Hi-Five" series at basically $4.00 a pop than to spend $9.00 or $10.00 on any single greatest hits albums on iTunes.

You have ALL of the awesome songs they are know and famous for in this set. Beautiful ballads such as "Biggest Part of Me" the VERY romantic and heart wrenching "How Much I Feel" and ofcourse the truly heartfelt love song, "You're the Only Woman (You & I). Plus other good additions are "Holdin' On to Yesterday".

If you like Ambrosia and are looking for a very concise and good collection of all the songs you knew and loved on the radio, then this is surely it for any fan of Ambrosia. Thank You.


The best of the best!

Ambrosia is said to be the nectar of the gods, and this EP collection contains some of the sweetest releases by this talented rock group. From "Biggest part of me" with its sweet harmony and characteristic percussion and change of tempo, to the romantic and engaging ballad "Your'e the only woman"; this collection has much to commend it. These are timeless hits that I feel are essential to any complete Rock collection. Rock on!


The Cheapest Way To Get Their Top Songs...

Arguably, there are four excellent songs by Ambrosia, and then the rest.

About Ambrosia

Los Angeles quartet Ambrosia, whose founding members included guitarist/vocalist David Pack, bassist/vocalist Joe Puerta, keyboardist Christopher North, and drummer Burleigh Drummond, fused symphonic art rock with a slickly produced pop sound. The group was discovered in 1971 by Los Angeles Philharmonic conductor Zubin Mehta, who featured Ambrosia as part of a so-called All-American Dream Concert. However, it took them four more years to get a record contract; Ambrosia was released in 1975 and spawned the chart singles "Holdin' on to Yesterday" and "Nice, Nice, Very Nice." (The latter was based on Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle.) Ambrosia scored another hit in 1977 with a cover of the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour" from the film All This and World War II, which they also appeared in.

North left the group just before their biggest pop breakthrough in 1978 with the number three hit "How Much I Feel." Ambrosia followed this success in 1980 with another number three hit, "Biggest Part of Me," and the number 13 follow-up "You're the Only Woman." Their next album failed, ending their run of chart success, and the group broke up; individual members are still active as session musicians and vocalists, as well as producers.

David Pack's 1985 solo album Anywhere You Go actually featured both Puerta and Drummond (alongside Kerry Livgren, Michael McDonald, Stanley Clarke, and Toto's Michael Porcaro), and the band reunited several years later. Several tours followed during the '90s, along with new recordings featured on the band's 1997 Anthology release. Pack left after 2001 for additional solo projects, and the band released the concert album Live a year later without him. ~ Steve Huey

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