12 Songs, 1 Hour 2 Minutes


About Tazenda

Italian experimental rock group Tazenda started as a threesome in 1987, making their debut with a song called "A Sa Zente." A year later, the band released a self-titled album, followed by 1991's Murales, went on tour around the country, and even had the opportunity to become an opening act for Simple Minds. In addition, Tazenda teamed up with singer/songwriter Pierangelo Bertoli to participate in San Remo's Festival with a song called "Spunta la Luna Dal Monte," returning to the same event in 1992 with "Pitzinnos in Sa Gherra" and joining a concert organized by Amnesty International and the Italian-Tibetan Society. After Limba, the alternative group released a live album called Il Popolo Rock in 1993 and Fortza Paris in 1995. They recorded Sole Di Tazenda in 1997, Sardinia in 1998, and Bios -- Live in Ziqqurat in 2001. ~ Drago Bonacich



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