10 Songs, 31 Minutes


About Bangers

After playing in bands in their local scene -- and briefly as the beach-themed punk outfit Hit the Beach -- Bangers started proper when lead singer/guitarist Roo Pescod moved back to Cornwall and hooked back up with bassist Andrew Horne and drummer Hamish Adams. Ditching the beach theme, the trio set about writing songs that drew influence from the likes of the Lawrence Arms, Jawbreaker, and Fifth Hour Hero. The group's first release came in the form of a split single with touring buddies Ssssnakes, limited to just 50 copies on CD-R. The 2009 disc paved the way for the band's split LP with Break the Habit that same year. After touring throughout Europe and the U.K., and supporting the likes of Bridge & Tunnel and Lemuria, the band signed to Specialist Subject Records, who released the compilation Dude Trips -- which featured tracks from the trio's early releases -- in 2010. Bangers returned in 2011 with their debut album proper, Small Pleasures. Following continued touring in support of the album, the group slowed things down and reentered the studio in 2013 to record its follow-up. Crazy Fucking Dreams was released toward the end of that year on Big Scary Monsters offshoot Beach Community. In mid-2014 Bangers returned to the studio for just 48 hours to write and record the album Mysterious Ways. The limited-edition release -- available only for 48 hours, to mirror the amount of time in which it was recorded -- was issued the following week. The band returned in 2015 with its third full-length album, Bird, once again for Specialist Subject, and a limited release of the Mysterious Ways album was also pressed. In mid-2016 the three-piece announced the end of Bangers, finishing their seven-year run with the parting two-track 7" Last Songs. ~ Rich Wilson

Cornwall, England