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This album is a must buy for rock lovers, the lyrics and upbeat tempo give a feeling of happiness. And in my own opinion "Kill Me Dead" is the best song on the album and one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. Period

bitter sweet


I love this CD and band, which I just came across, to find that they split up :/ I'm happy they made what they made though. They are now '1, 2, 3' (which I personally think is a strange/awk band name.) Hope they make something good.

About The Takeover UK

Usually, bands take on the prefix "UK" when there's an actual need for it -- differentiating the Mission UK from the Philly soul band of the same name, for instance -- but for Pittsburgh born the Takeover UK, it seems as if it were done out of a desire for "cool" or "cred." Eventually pulling up stakes and taking the melange of '60s tinged sounds coupled with late-'70s punk rock to New York, the Takeover UK soon released a debut EP, It's All Happening on Rykodisc. Released in the summer of 2008, the EP was merely a warm-up for the band's first full-length effort, Running with the Wasters, due in the fall of that same year. ~ Chris True

    Pittsburgh, PA

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