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4.5 out of 5
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529 Ratings
defendinghope ,

Choose both and live in peace

I love Woe, Is Me and I like ISSUES. So, shoot me. There isn't any beef between the two bands. People are just talkn' smack to talk smack. You shouldn't just choose one. Choose the both and live on in peace. Aha. Can't wait to get Genisi[s] in the mail and pick up Black Diamonds at a Hot Topic somewhere.

StillYdg'nKidd ,

My opinion(;

Album is going to go hard! Always a big fan of Tyler Carter! & Uh if you don't like these lyrics then go listen to Gene[s]is!!! Haha!

Tylerb120 ,

Linkin Park for a new generation.

A bold but true claim. The boys in issues really kill it here. Scout (Ty accord) starts the EP off with an awesome little dub step mix. A.J. Robello comes in on guitar with a mix of Djent, and groove metal. It's a truly awesome sound that makes his riffs and chugs sound unique, bouncy, and fun. All without losing any heaviness. Of course Tyler Carter & Michael Boehn are here. These two were previously in Woe, Is Me and after the split they formed what is now Issues. Michael still has dirty dirty screams and Tyler is still bringing his soulful R&B sound to a genre that would otherwise shun it if not for how drop dead amazing and on point his vocals are. Truly this group is here to stay and they've hit the ground running with Black Diamonds. Don't pass this one up guys! Seriously!

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