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Choose both and live in peace


I love Woe, Is Me and I like ISSUES. So, shoot me. There isn't any beef between the two bands. People are just talkn' smack to talk smack. You shouldn't just choose one. Choose the both and live on in peace. Aha. Can't wait to get Genisi[s] in the mail and pick up Black Diamonds at a Hot Topic somewhere.

My opinion(;


Album is going to go hard! Always a big fan of Tyler Carter! & Uh if you don't like these lyrics then go listen to Gene[s]is!!! Haha!

About Issues

Issues are an Atlanta, Georgia metalcore band formed by former Woe, Is Me members Tyler Carter, Michael Bohn, and brothers Cory and Ben Ferris. Getting its start in 2012, the band -- also featuring the talents of AJ Rebollo, Case Snedecor, Tyler Acord, and Jake Vintson (with the latter two being brought in to replace the Ferris brothers, both of whom left to pursue other interests shortly after the band was formed) -- was quickly signed to Rise Records imprint Velocity just a few months after formation. Issues' first EP, Black Diamonds, arrived at the tail end of 2012. In early 2013 original drummer Case Snedecor left the band and was replaced by Josh Manuel. Issues entered the studio in mid-2013 to start work on their self-titled debut album, which was released in February 2014. A genre-blurring mix of metalcore, R&B-tinged pop, and Linkin Park-esque nu-metal DJ breaks, Issues debuted in the Top Ten of the Billboard 100. An acoustic EP, Diamond Dreams, was released later that year, featuring their 2013 stand-alone single, "Hooligans." Issues returned to the studio in 2015 to record their sophomore LP, Headspace, which was released in May 2016. ~ Gregory Heaney

    Atlanta, GA

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