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About SULK

Offering an artistic blend of pop/rock and love-inspired songs, Sulk adjoin their creations with influences going from R&B to country. The Canadian group relies on the songwriting expertise of Blair O'Halloran and on the singular voice of Sherrie Laird. Sulk formed in 1996, in Toronto, Canada, fronted by singer Laird and by O'Halloran. They both had had previous musical experiences -- while Laird previously sung with Tribal Place, O'Halloran was a former member of Double Think. A few months after, the duo was joined by bassist Ian Murray. The trio's first show at the Toronto Opera House in August of 1996 turned out to be a huge triumph, getting them the necessary media and public attention. It was also in that same year that they released their first album, the eponymous Sulk. The band then signed a deal with Fabs Music, releasing their second recording, the EP Don't Tell Me in January 1998. The record benefited from the experience of Fuad Abassi an adept drummer that had worked in the U.S. and in Pakistan, who then became a full-time member of the Canadian band. In February 1999 Sulk signed a new contract, this time with Hi-Bias Records. Reaching even further in their Canadian national acclaim, Only You was the band's second album, hitting record stores in the year 2000. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges



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