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Too bad they are no longer


Whoever wrote the album review for this cd on itunes is a complete idiot beacause this cd is sick. They actually mention God's name in some of their songs which alot of Christian bands do not do, they only have songs with 'positive messages', and also i've listened to this cd about 60 or more times and i dont think they use the Lord's name in vain. Every single song sounds different and there is not one song on the cd i don't like. 'I'm only laughing on the outside' is my favorite song- sick guitar, vocals and good chorus and lyrics. Buy this album, its about a thousand times better than oneonethousand and way more hardcore. Worth the money. Oh also not one of the members from this album is also on the oneonethousand album which is weird to me, its not even the same band.

This is beastly

Meatalcore ripper,

Yeah....... I was just lookin arround and saw this band, these guys are beast. I'm definatley going to get one of their albums. There songs remind me of some of my fav bands like atreyu, BFMV, and hatebreed. So if your willing to buy an album I suggest this one.

About Burden of a Day

Sarasota, FL's Burden of a Day was formed in 2004 and, perhaps a little precociously, released a debut album, Pilots and Paper Planes, less than two years later through independent Blood & Ink, in the process, earning very mixed reviews for their middling, screamocore style with Christian tendencies. So the quintet carried on rehearsing and toured exhaustively over the next few years, honing their stage presence and material all the while; and by 2008, vocalist Kendall Knepp, sibling guitarists Josh and Mike Sommers, bassist Terry Clark, and drummer Jesse Histetler, were handed a new deal with Rise Records for the release of their slightly improved sophomore album, Blessed Be Our Ever After. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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