7 Songs, 25 Minutes


About I Was Totally Destroying It

The Chapel Hill-based quintet I Was Totally Destroying It formed in 2007 from the ashes of Sorry About Dresden and Saddle Creek. Their songs benefited from muscular guitars and the perspective provided by dual songwriters (and lead vocalists) John Booker and Rachel Hirsh. Booker and Hirsh were romantically linked at the formation of the band, but broke up between the release of their debut album and Horror Vacui, their excellent 2009 release on Greyday Records. The breakup was the subject of several songs on the sophomore album, but the band otherwise continued intact. An extensive touring schedule paired I Was Totally Destroying It with a dazzling variety of acts, both underground and mainstream, underscoring the versatility of their sound, which ranges from delicate folk-rock to energetic classic rock-influenced anthems to punk-pop gems with the kind of boy-girl harmonies that were popular in '90s indie rock. ~ Paula Carino

Chapel Hill, NC