13 Songs, 51 Minutes


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Alex Keswick ,

Goodnight, gentlemen; don't let the vampires get you.

Great 80s throwback horror synth jams. Love the incorporation of other sounds not typically heard in other releases in the synthwave genre but which really take each track to another level, from the Goosebumps/Danny Elfman style spine-tingling sample playing throughout 'Uninvited' to the synth guitar that comes in toward the end of 'Midnight Heat'; many artists in the rapidly expanding synthwave scene seem like they're content with simply dialing it in and running off the synth nostalgia train, but it shows that Silvey is a producer who is unafraid to take risks with his sound. Some solid remixes included as well, the standout easily being The Warhorse's vocals-centric remix of 'Night Chill'.