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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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4.5 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
3.1K Ratings
lovekillhannah ,

Jack White is amazing.

What more is there to say really? His voice is so unique and incredible, and he's one of the best guitar players ever. He's a true musician in every way and writes great lyrics to go with real rock n roll music. The world needs more real rock n roll like this again.

John Richardson ,

officially life changing music

when everything else is recycled, retuned and poor empty emotionless writing, its great to see an artist that kicks in the door with each track. No matter if he is penning a ballad or destroying you with overtoned raw grinding riffs, Jack White never lets himself or his fans down. Each track stands alone and thats what makes him an overwhelmingly great artist. If you haven't downloaded this album yet, get on it!!

SeanoLasTres ,

Not the Jack White you are used to/were expecting

I am a huge Jack White fan. White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather, what have you. I'm part of the Vault members for Third Man Records.

That said, this is a very unique and new side of Jack. It is not remotely what you would be used to hearing. There are some hints of late White Stripes and some Raconteurs, but for the most part, it's different. I suppose after hearing Sixteen Saltines, I expected there to be some more grit (even though the grit in that song comes across refined instead of raw) and I got excited for it...that's it except for a few snippets (Take Me With You When You Go). The rest of the album is kind of strange sometimes. It's good...just probably not what you were expecting. Missing Pieces and Love Interruption are great songs, but beyond that, I have trouble saying, "Oh yeah, that song is great too." It's great to see him take a new, interesting journey and venture into the realm of new music, but I guess I miss the old Jack too.

At some point you'll ask yourself, "is this really Jack White?" It's almost the exact same feeling when Danger Mouse got a hold of The Black Keys; you kind of said, "What the hell happened?" What you know of Jack White and what you have heard from his previous work has given you a expectation of what is coming in the future. I understand this is him defining himself as a solo artist, but I'm not sure if I'm crazy about it. It's odd. It just doesn't fulfill what you want it to. But I'm also used to hearing different sides of him. The difference between Elephant and Get Behind Me Satan is INSANE, and they're only 2 years apart! And hearing him in a rock band with the Raconteurs (saw them at Lollapalooza in 2006 and they kicked it hard) and on drums in the Dead Weather...point is I know he's capable of a lot and he's wildly talented...but my mouth is still dry from lack of awesome.

Understand this: I was STOKED for this album. You couldn't shut me up about it. I listened to it and found myself saying, "huh?" So I shook it off and listened again and..."huh?" I am listening to it the third time through now, but I just can't see this album growing on me and I am bummed out about it.

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