17 Songs, 55 Minutes


About Susan Craig Winsberg

Many artists have been diverse enough to be dubbed "true renaissance men." it is a term that is not often applied to women. That is unfortunate because many women deserve that moniker, none more than Susan Craig Winsberg. Born in Chicago, she began studying music (piano) at the tender age of five. When she was ten, she was choosing an instrument to play in her school band. She wanted to play the cello. The line was very long and her mother, Millicent Craig Winsberg, became impatient for her tea. (Mrs. Winsberg is from Scotland.) They left and Winsberg's father brought home a flute the next day. She was hooked immediately. She won several awards and competitions including The Chicago Symphony Youth Auditions. For that, she won a solo performance with that renowned orchestra. She received Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts degrees in flute performance from San Jose State University. Her studies and performances have taken her across the USA and Europe. She also teaches when she travels.

In 86, while auditioning for several German symphonies, Winsberg had a sudden revelation that her future was in Celtic music. She "got fed up (with the) rigid, technical and competitive (classical music scene)." She packed up and moved to the Los Angeles area where her diverse career choices have flourished. She has released three CD's of Celtic music. On the second and third discs she has incorporated her love of poetry by setting some of her favorite poems to music. She is also an actress having appeared in short subject films and commercials. Winsberg is an "insect wrangler" for the film industry and a tireless rescuer of small animals. To that end, she is – officially – a member of Kitten Rescue Organization, although she does not limit her efforts to "warm, fuzzy and cute." Winsberg is a yoga instructor and has worked as a translator, being fluent in five languages and dialects. She is studying a sixth language – Scottish Gaelic. That is an impressive résumé from an impressive lady – Susan Craig Winsberg, Renaissance Woman. It has a nice ring to it. She deserves all the praise and honor that the compliment implies. ~ Jim Brenholts