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Mr. Jon Arbuckle,

This band is more "punk" than any band has a right to be these days. Any true fan of the genre will tell you, it's not just about sounding like the Ramones or Rancid (i.e. 3 chord speed). If you think back to the mid 70's, Blondie, Suicide, the Cramps, Devo, Dead Kennedys; totally different sounding bands, but all punk as h3ll. But that ethos began disappearing around the mid-80's.
If I were FORCED to compare their sound to another band, I would say they're like a more focused Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. But this band has created their own style and sound, and that's what punk stands for... Feeling, intensity, and soul. This group has each in spades. Killer vocals, post-hardcore-esque guitar work, and a rhythm section like a titanium spine. If you APPRECIATE music for art, buy it. If you love punk, buy. Or if you're just sick of this indie pop garbage where everyone tries to sing like Ben Gibbard, for god's sake, BUY!!!

Ahh At LAST...


Something that hits me square in the Romeo Void with a Pylon. Fun stuff - can't wait to see them live.

About Priests

Washington, D.C.-based post-punk quartet Priests formed in late 2011, creating raucous blasts of noisy, politically charged punk fronted by vocalist Katie Alice Greer with guitarist G.L. Jaguar, drummer Daniele Daniele, and bassist Taylor Mulitz. The project was the first musical venture for most of the players (though both Greer and Daniele would later join the revolving-door cast of fellow D.C. punk intellectuals Chain & the Gang), and the newly formed Priests quickly recorded a demo-like cassette and began touring, first locally and then across the States, quickly gaining a reputation for their frenetic live show. A 7" single, a second cassette, and a few compilation appearances followed before the 2014 arrival of mini-album Bodies and Control and Money and Power, which was recorded with production help from Black Eyes member Hugh McElroy. The band's 2017 debut album, Nothing Feels Natural, found Priests balancing their outbursts with a more eclectic -- but just as forceful -- approach. ~ Fred Thomas

    Washington, DC

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