7 Songs, 33 Minutes


Melody Prochet wraps heartache and pain in adventurous psych-pop.


Melody Prochet wraps heartache and pain in adventurous psych-pop.


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3.8 out of 5

9 Ratings

9 Ratings

A real step down


Eclectic and irritating, Bon Voyage shows a significant plummet in Melody's quality of music-making since her previous effort, the fantastic Melody's Echo Chamber. Nearly every song here is comprised of various contrasting ideas stuck together like some Frankenstein's monster, often punctuated by annoyingly loud screams, random sampling, and dopey spoken-word monologues. Even if the songs weren't marred by Melody's bizarre approach to structure and overall composition, they'd still be pretty mediocre tunes, barring the catchy "Breathe In, Breathe Out." It's also a wimpy seven songs long, so even if you do like it, there sadly isn't much to listen to, but if you don't, well, at least the pain isn't prolonged.

Beautiful work!!!


Just heard this at the record store and I feel like I’ve been missing out! There is a psychedelic quality to the record that never strays too far from beauty. I thought for a moment that someone had unearthed some unreleased Broadcast or Blonde Redhead had maybe done some ayahuasca inspired deep diving. Excited to listen to earlier offerings as well.



very good album. one of the most interesting albums i've listened to in a while.

About Melody's Echo Chamber

Under the name Melody's Echo Chamber, French musician Melody Prochet crafts sweet and swirling psych pop that brings in elements of prog and folk, while casting out bewitching melodies as well. She holds her own on collaborations with musicians from Tame Impala (on 2012's self-titled album) and Dungen (on 2018's Bon Voyage), never losing her unique voice to the sounds they surround her with.

Prochet worked in various bands before starting Melody's Echo Chamber in 2012 after having a dream that the acoustics of her bedroom projected an infinite delay. No stranger to performance, Prochet had already worked with the twee pop Narcoleptic Dancers and the dreamy My Bee's Garden, a project she was very much central to. When My Bee's Garden supported Australian guitar rockers Tame Impala on a European tour in 2010, Prochet bonded with Kevin Parker, who offered to help with production of her new solo material as Melody's Echo Chamber. The two worked quickly, with some elements of the project's lushly dreamy songs recorded in Parker's makeshift studio and some laid down in her grandmother's seaside home in the South of France. The self-titled album was released on Fat Possum Records in the fall of 2012, and Prochet assembled a live band to fill out her solo songs as plans for tours and live performances started accumulating.

She began working on a second album with Parker, but things stalled out after a couple years of recording. Prochet moved to Sweden, and along the way met up with Dungen's Reine Fiske and the Amazing's Fredrik Swahn. The trio, along with Dungen's Gustav Ejstes and Johan Holmegard, crafted a free-flowing mix of prog, psych, and pop that had a much looser and surprising feel than her debut. They finished the album and a song was released in April of 2017, but then Prochet suffered a major injury that halted the record's planned release to allow her time to heal. A little more than a year later, Bon Voyage was issued by Fat Possum. ~ Fred Thomas

Paris, France