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4.5 out of 5

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For a good time...

karina k,

This was a cassette to throw in and go cruising to. Best songs are "Sitting in the Park", "Drunk 2 F**k" and my absolute favorite "2 Skanless".

The Days OF Dickies And White T's with Cuck Taylors


This album is Bangin! All the tracks on the ablum are great. They remind me of my Middle school days hanging with the boys in the neigborhood. Yo Dick is a great song and drunk 2 F@*K! Those were the days during the summer of 1992. Put in your Ipod and grab a 40oz.

About Hi-C

b. Louisiana, USA. From Compton, California, Hi-C is some way short of the in-yer-face gangsta rap made famous by that area: ‘I’m into music first, messages later. I’m not hardcore and I don’t constantly say “black this” or “black that”’. Hi-C introduced his pleasant, personable fare to a national audience in 1990 when singles like ‘I’m Not Your Puppet’ rose high in the Billboard charts. He also took roles in movies, including Encino Man, CB4 and South Central. In CB4 it was Hi-C who provided the voice and lyrics for the Chris Rock character’s on-screen raps. He is backed on record by DJ Tony A from Wilmington, California.

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