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🤗 Abbadulla 🤗 ,

Inspiring Story

In the movie based on the book everyone loves: Wonder there is a song that is very inspiring called Brand new eyes. When I saw the movie in theaters I stayed for the credits a little longer because the song caught me by surprise. I really enjoyed it. It shows emotion. In the book and the movie it made you cry at times, made to feel giddy inside times, it made you smile at times, and made to feel like you were opened up to a new world that you didn’t understand. And yet, you felt like you were opened up completely, it felt like something you never experienced before. In the song really shows that. It also shows that people can be Blind sometimes and not even need glasses. Can’t even see past their nose. All that they can see is that they’re different. The kids in Wonder never got to really know Auggie’s personality, because they judged him based on his looks. The song is saying that you can finally see past your nose, you can finally see there’s more to life. And you wanna take in everything. I don’t only challenge you to listen to the song I challenge you to read the book to watch the movie to take in everything wonder related because it is the greatest experience you’ll ever have.I want you to try to be friends with someone even if they don’t look as you want them to. It’s OK not to be friends with people because they have a bad personality. But it’s not OK to bully people because they look different than you. As said in wonder: ” when given the choice of being right or being kind, choose kind.”

jiffpom 🐻 ,


Such a calm and relaxing and pretty song!

Amarchena ,

Brand New Eyes

I only wish this was used in the movie. But awesome song dedicated to August Pullman!

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