8 Songs, 29 Minutes


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4.7 out of 5
21 Ratings
21 Ratings
Shi M. ,

Depressing! Where did the Joy of evangelism go!?

Been a fan since day one, just the title of this album bothers me! Who or what is Da Truth, but a vessel for Christ! It seems like a depressing project focussing on Emmanuel no longer being relevant!! Lost identity, Seems he is too worried about keepin’ up instead of feeding the sheep like he used to.. Bring back that theologian T.R.U.T.H..! That Mr. Lambert that used to get me pumped. I feel like all these positive reviews are out of sympathy.. honestly! Listenin’ to this album made me want to jump off a cliff more than anything! I am not even trying to be a hater! Does John Piper change his preaching because a younger and newer preacher comes out? Naw! He has the best news in the world to preach about and people filling his church based on this good news and his delivery for decades regardless of popular culture! You have millions of fans wanting and depending on the T.R.U.T.H. in the midst of a dying culture, but you want to make music for those kids who were never fans and try to explain to them you are a forerunner and vet? Thanks, real encouraging! Maybe I am miscalculated, but I have all your projects, even your early DVD release.. We need another “Big picture” or “complicated” album.. FOR YOUR FANS before you lose us! If you make music like you used to I as most of your fans will buy your albums til we die! Sorry bro, just have to bring out the sword and be honest.. I hope you read this and preach unwavered like Piper, like u said “not about the numbers”! Grace and peace! Praying for you bro!

Jasredempt ,


Great album!!

Andy Tunes ,

Upbeat love of God

Sounds so good and the lyrics are on point! I have a hard getting my young men to give gospel rap a chance and your songs are fantastic. They can’t help but listen. I’m Excited to get your new music!!!!

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