1 Song, 2 Minutes


About Reckless

This Canadian pop metal act was formed by guitarist Steve Madden with Jan Melanson (vocals), Gene Stout (bass) and Gil Roberts (drums), originally under the name Harlow. Reckless emerged to a generally positive reception, with commercial guitar-led metal in a Van Halen vein given individual identity by Melanson’s quirky vocal delivery. Coupled with the frontwoman’s striking blond looks, this seemed to give Reckless a chance to stand out from the crowd. However, the album bombed, and the band broke up. Madden tried again with a new line-up featuring Doug Adams (vocals), Todd Pilon (bass) and Steve Wayne Lederman (drums), but while Heart Of Steel was another good effort based around Madden’s stylish guitar work, it lacked the distinctive qualities of its predecessor, and the band faded.