10 Songs, 42 Minutes


About Teleman

Forming out of the ashes of London's indie rockers Pete & the Pirates, Teleman traded that band's brash style for a subtler approach. Vocalist/guitarist Tommy Sanders, his keyboardist brother Jonny, and bassist Pete Cattermoul formed Teleman shortly after Pete & the Pirates disbanded in 2012, adding drummer Hiro Amamiya to complete the lineup. The band's demos revealed a wry, melodic take on guitar pop that nodded to legends like the Beach Boys and contemporaries such as Django Django, and they soon signed to Moshi Moshi Records. Teleman made their debut with "Christina," which was released as part of the label's Singles Club in 2013. The band's Bernard Butler-produced first album, Breakfast, arrived in 2014. For their follow-up, Teleman worked with producer Dan Carey, and honed their songwriting as well as their arsenal of synths, focusing on the Mellotron, the Roland Jupiter, and the Korg Trident. The results were heard on the lively Brilliant Sanity, which arrived in 2016. Teleman went further in an electronic direction with the following year's Fünf EP, which found them collaborating with a different producer (Timothy J. Fairplay, Ghost Culture, Bullion, Boxed In, and Moscoman) on each of its five tracks. ~ Heather Phares

Reading, Berkshire, England



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