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Worth A Second Look


It's nice to see digital releases of old dance songs in their original 12" vinyl extended versions. When I looked at the track list I almost passed this by because I already have all these songs on other CDs. After some digging I discovered that I actually don't and a couple are a welcome addition to my collection. Notably: Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way (I only have the shorter 5:45 version in any format), Ollie & Jerry - Breakin'... (I only have shorter versions on CD), Gwen Guthrie - Ain't Nothin'... (I have the 5:57 Club while this is the longer "12" Club" and both appeared on vinyl) and Cathy Dennis - Touch Me (I have the 7:12 Club while I think this is the "Touch This" version that appeared on 12". There was one big disappointment here and that's Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out. While this did appear on a promo 12" I would like to have seen the 8 minute EP version. Another note, I believe Finally (Morales Mix) is also known as the Choice Mix (they sound the same to me and are the same length) I bought this whole album just to encourage more releases. There's a huge catalog of club songs and 12" singles that deserve a rerelease.

Great collection


"Don't Leave Me This Way" is sung by Thelma Houston (Whitney's Aunt), and NOT by George Benson. Let's give proper credit to the SINGING artist. Someone obviously didn't listen to this female vocal track and think "this doesn't sound like George Benson..." This is still a great collection even though some of the singles feel like they are in a weird mixed company.

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