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4.7 out of 5
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9 Ratings

Shred and Shred Again

What an amazing display of guitar playing technique. This 4th recording surpasses all the rest. Every tune is excellent. Sound quality for an independent artist who plays all the instruments is outstanding. If you like the shred genre, Dimitar is now at the top of the class. No one else even comes close. Tapping, pull-offs, sweep picking signature licks. All with more melody and rock rhythms. Wow. This is one I will listen to over and over again.


Amazing guitar work

I remember when he released this album I couldn’t stop listening, it’s one of my favorite albums to come out that year. Highly recommended if you love guitar


OMG he does it again!

Lets face it.....this guy (Dimitar) is becoming a self made warrior and soon status king in the land of "AXE". Every album release has made significant jumps leaps into melody. Where Satriani does guitar soaring this guy dances. A unique style, and the evidence of popular influences from modern greats is there. He manages to break out and offer his own sound. On this album his sound thickens a bit and the guitars presence is brought forward giving it a more personal feel. Although he can shred, which is more than evident, he blends and bends to fit the part like a story. I like that about him........he does'nt just shred as if to just say merely, "look at me folks." .......yet proving his humility to his instrument. DImitar is not a guitar player in the popular sense, but a musician. A creator of emotion and ear candy. Just to think that this guy is only getting started................A MUST HAVE!!!!!! U HAVE TO HEAR THE ENTIRE SONGS FOR IT TO BE JUST NOT A POST CARD.......AT LEAST YOU CAN SAY THAT YOU'VE REALLY BEEN THERE.

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Asenovgrad, Bulgaria



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