7 Songs, 30 Minutes


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M@rilynM13 ,


Breathtaking....I’ve listened to these songs A LOT of times already, yet, each time I think I know the song, I’m snapped back to the reality which is.....this is my new favorite ‘up and coming!!’

Gotta say Apple fans reading this, DO yourself a favor and buy this, I personally guarantee any TRUE music lover will hear the various influences stretching throughout each song to get just one piece, that’s all it takes......so that everyone can enjoy such an amazing voice together. Btw, the last time I’ve written a review like this was, for no one, ever!! Yup! My first one and I freakin love music more than many people. Always listening, everywhere I go for that new sound or out of the ordinary arrangement.

So?? Did you hit ‘complete my album’ button yet??