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18 Ratings

fnord@panix ,

Early 70s Power Pop

If you want to know where power pop went after the Beatles shattered, some of the shards wound up in this band: Stories. There are some truly melodic and infectious gems on this album and there are a few filler pieces, but overall this album is sweet and it rocks hard. I've been enjoying their Traveling Underground record for over 20 years and I finally got around to getting this one. There's a tinge of Prog in their sound too. This is constantly active, shifting, and changing pop rock that you just can't get bored of. You'll keep coming back to it. Highly recommended.

Classic_Rocker_Kong ,

Early AOR Gem

Good to see the REAL version of Stories' #1 smash hit "Brother Louie" here at iTunes. But this album has far more than that song. "Darling" is fantastic as is "Top Of The City", "Changes Have Begun" and "Love In Motion". But really, the entire album is superb and a must have for power pop afficionados. This album is ideal for classic rock fanatics, also. There'd be no Cheap Trick, Babys,Tubes, Starz or Romantics if there weren't early power pop acts such as Stories, Raspberries, Big Star, Artful Dodger or The Nazz. "About Us" is highly recommended. Thank you Sony-BMG and iTunes for finally getting this album here.

Uncle Squid ,

Serious Longevity - a classic

There are a bunch of albums which, for me, always stand the test of time, and which I purchased numerous times - vinyl, CD, iTunes, remastered, anthologies, complications, etc. and “About Us,” is one of them. I have 2 vinyl versions, 1 with, and 1 without Brother Louie. I have the songs in an anthology with the first record, etc. It just passes the test of time. The opener, “Darling,” is brilliant - the combo of the acoustic with the electric guitar, and Brown’s piano is great. Here’s how I rank it - I bought it today (again - at least the 5th time for various reasons), and bought Jethro Tull, Aqualung again, for probably the 6th time to get the latest release, remastered. This album is right up there with Tull, Zep, etc as a solid album for me.

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