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Singing Truckers Friend

Txtornado 77

Tony Justice is a great family man. He is also a great truckers friend. He keeps us pushing through the the long boring nights, so we can make it to see the next truck stop lights.
Thank you Tony an Misty for all you do for us drivers an the Awesome music to keep us grounded to home as well as the brothers an sisters we meet on the road. We have a lot of 4's cross our paths, good an bad but sometimes the truckers we meet may be the only family we have.
Amazing blessings your way an thank you my friends which are now my family .. Keep the wheels grounded an roll on 18..

True American Trucker


Thank you Tony for your fine music sir. As a brother of the highway, it's nice to have someone as genuine as Tony Justice to listen to on the radio as I'm rolling down the big road.

The very definition of a Trucking Trubador!


Tony Justice is a great artist! He's also a great driver!

As a driver myself, I can identify with the music he writes/sings! I love to drive along, playing any of the three cd's of his that I currently own!

I've had the pleasure of seeing him perform live at State st in Bristol, VA/TN during the 8/16 Nascar race weekend! His live performance is as good as his albums! He played extra songs, and even stayed after for a meet and greet with the fans that showed up (myself included)!

If anyone is going to 2017 MATS make time to see his show, you won't regret it!

Tony is current;y working on album #4 and I am waiting with eager anticipation!

See you on the big road Tony!!!!

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