5 Songs, 19 Minutes



Playing smart, lively pop music with a strong garage rock influence and a dash of punk-style energy, Feels are a Los Angeles-based band led by lead singer and guitarist Laena Geronimo. Geronimo was seemingly destined from birth to be a musician with an idiosyncratic streak; her father is Alan Myers, the original drummer with Devo, and supposedly Myers was intent on influencing her musical tastes in the womb, playing recordings by Thelonious Monk and Edgard Varèse on a portable stereo held up to her pregnant mother's belly. Her father's efforts apparently worked; Geronimo began playing violin in a youth orchestra in elementary school, and went on to perform with a number of classical and experimental ensembles, including the Los Angeles Junior Philharmonic, who performed string tracks for a 2006 album by Pat Boone, In a Symphonic Mood, giving Laena her first recording credit. Geronimo later added bass and guitar to her repertoire, and in 2010, she joined the all-female garage rock band the Like; she signed on with the group after the recording of its Mark Ronson-produced album Release Me, but appeared on the album's cover, toured with the group, and performed on a version of "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" that was used as a B-side for a single. After performing and recording with Swahili Blonde, in 2011 Geronimo was looking for a more creatively ambitious project, and with that in mind formed the group Raw Geronimo, who released the album Dream Fever in 2013. After a number of lineup shifts and reassessment of musical focus, Raw Geronimo evolved into Feels, with Geronimo joined by Shannon Lay on guitar and keyboards, Amy Allen on bass, and Michael Perry Rudes on drums. The group released a cassette-only album, Live at Gaucho's Electronics, in early 2015, and February 2016 saw the release of the group's first full-length studio project, Feels. The album was released by Castle Face Records, the noted L.A. indie imprint founded in part by Ty Segall, who performed with Geronimo when she was one of his backing musicians for several acoustic performances in 2015.

Los Angeles, CA