10 Songs, 58 Minutes


About Satan's Host

A Colorado-based band that formed in the late '70s, Satan's Host began life as a power metal band, but after one album -- 1986's Metal from Hell (and an unreleased follow-up, 1987's Midnight Wind) -- things changed, and the band called it a day. After the tragic loss of drummer D. Lucifer Steel (Rob Evans) to murder, coupled with the rather unwelcome atmosphere toward metal (not to mention bands named Satan's Host) in the general populace, vocalist L.C.F. Eli Elixer maintained a low profile and plotted his eventual return. The rebirth of Satan's Host as a recording and performing unit would take shape in the late '90s, starting with the release of the EP In Articulo Mortis in 1999 and culminating in the comeback album Archidoxes of Evil in 2000. The band, now a hybrid of black and death metal, found its footing and released three more albums over the next decade -- 2004's Burning the Born Again, 2006's Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick, and 2008's Great American ScapeGoat 666. The most recent lineup of the band included Elixer on vocals, Satan Patrick Evil on guitar, D. Darcane on bass, and Pete Wicked on drums. ~ Chris True