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About Chaundon

Part of Little Brother's larger North Carolina collective the Justus League, Chaundon was born in the Bronx and first started to pen rhymes when he was 13 years old. He came into contact with each of the members of Little Brother in 1999 after transferring to North Carolina Central University in Durham from Barber Scotia College in Concord, NC. The hardcore lyricist played an integral role in building the Justus League as a credible source of hip-hop music in North Carolina; in particular, he discovered producer Khrysis, who has helped critically define the collective's sound along with 9th Wonder. In terms of promoting himself, his approach was very dogged. He extended himself all over campus, performing at shows, local clubs, and radio stations. That work ethic, of course, translated to recording and produced a number of mixtapes, including his first, Slow Leaks, in 2003. As he waited to put out his own full-length, the Durham-via-Bronx rapper made guest appearances on albums by his fellow League brethren, like Little Brother's controversial The Minstrel Show (2005) and L.E.G.A.C.Y.'s Project Mayhem (2005). Finally, Hall of Justus Music Group, Chaundon's label home, attained a distribution deal with Defend, which issued the MC's first proper LP, Carnage, in 2008. ~ Cyril Cordor

New York, NY [The Bronx]



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