6 Songs, 33 Minutes


About El Super Show de Los Vaskez

El Super Show de los Vaskez is renowned throughout Mexico, South America, and areas of the United States for their big-band cumbia del sureste (cumbia southeast). This family group, founded in 1968 by patron Ricardo Vasquez Fuentes and his sons, has at one time or another included brothers, grandchildren, nephews, etc. They evolved in the ensuing decades, bringing in younger voices to keep their unique brand of Veracruz dance music -- which includes not only cumbia, but tropical boleros, chunchaka, and son -- firmly embedded in its classic roots while at the same attracting newer generations. Add to this individual and group improvisation a wild stage show, and you have a recipe for enduring success.

After Ricardo died (as did two of his sons, Ricardo, Jr. and Ruben), there was a split between brothers Roberto and Rolando Vasquez. The latter branched off to form Los Internacionales Váskez. Including compilations, El Super Show de los Vaskez have recorded more than 30 albums and 65 singles, and have performed well over 100 dates per year. Their most recent offering is the triple-length 3 en 1 compilation, containing hits, B-sides, and select album performances. ~ Thom Jurek