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5 Ratings
dysamoria ,

An amazingly organic sound from obsolete technology!

Treewave was one of my random buys back in 2005/2006, and i'm so glad to have found it. The combination of Commodore 64 computers, Atari 2600 console, portable 286 computer with Sound Blaster and a dot matrix printer (yes, you read that right) creates an amazing sound. It's unique, rich and electronic without any of the thinness or sterility that electronic stuff sometimes provides when it's modern and clean. In fact, that's part of the joy here: the sounds are dirty and warm.

Also, consider the artistry goes beyond just composition and singing (Lauren's voice is a great match to the music). Paul Slocum wrote the software that turns the C64s, Atari 2600 and printer into musical instruments. Not so hard for the C64, with its SID synth chip, but Paul wrote his own synth/sequencer software to run the chip (free with this album in track 7), and conceivable with the primitive sound/video chip on a 2600 (though how many of us can hack those?)... but what about writing your own software to replace the EEPROM on a dot matrix printer so that you can control the motors and print head in ways that create a couple octaves of musical pitches? Put it all together and it's insanely brilliant. AND it's great music. You'd never know it was a pile of yesteryear's castoff electronics (classic they may be).

If you like electronic/synthy pop with retro and unique/timeless sounds, and you're in need something new and original, this is it.