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About Micol Barsanti

Born July 2, 1983, in Genova, Italy, Micol Barsanti grew up listening to the great Italian singer/songwriters like Pino Daniele, Lucio Dalla, and Vasco Rossi. When she was ten, and shortly after her family had moved to Tuscany, Barsanti decided that music was also the path she wanted to take, and so she began to learn how to play the guitar, practicing constantly and writing and singing her own songs. In 2002 the young musician met the actress Cecilia Dazzi; the two clicked instantly, and Dazzi, who also dabbled in music, wrote the lyrics to a dozen or so of Barsanti's compositions. They then used these pieces to make a demo, sending it to labels across the country. One of the recipients was Soleluna Music, an imprint headed by Italian superstar Jovanotti, who immediately contacted the singer. Soon, a deal was signed and under Jovanotti's tutelage and production talents, Barsanti begin working on finishing up her songs, and in June of 2007, after a few years of patiently developing the pieces and her own skills as a musician, her debut album, La Chiave del Sole, was released. ~ Marisa Brown

Genoa, Italy
July 2, 1983