26 Songs, 1 Hour 37 Minutes


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4.4 out of 5
40 Ratings
40 Ratings
r0berto ,

If you're wondering why it costs more here...

The CD you buy from Amazon has only 12 tracks compared to the 26 here. Amazon sells it for 14.99 (last I checked), so, comparatively, it is far less. This is a top-notch soundtrack with a few insanely great remakes of some classic rock thrown in. If you love the show, this soundtrack is worth every penny, otherwise, pick and choose the ones you like. Simple :)

Jupidu123 ,

Nice Album but too expensive

amazon sells the album for 14,99$ with 26 tracks. Same as here but almost 10$ cheaper. So having in mind that buying the songs from amazon and drag&drop them into Itunes is almost as convinient as buying them here, there are not many reasons to press the button here.
Nonetheless it's a great Album!!

Gunngirl ,

Great tunes come at a price

$26 IS a lot to ask for this compliation. While I did download around three seperately, I didn't want all of them. The songs rock and especially during the show they really work, but buying the songs costs as much as buying a season pass. Really a great list of songs, but I picked and chose my favorites and let others go.

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