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There's Beauty in Simplicity

Cory Kruse,

They're back, and better than ever. Campfire II stirs—blazes—with the same euphoric vigor and creativity as its predecessor. These songs are anthemic declarations of praise; they're intimate prayers of longing and worship. And they're a resounding chorus of celebration, urging all to draw near and join in with the family of God in its triumphant call of joy. Campfire II invites you into these festivities; you feel like a genuine part. The album's stripped back, acoustic approach makes it all the more immediate and real, as if you're right there worshipping among them, and your own voice is echoing toward the sky and bouncing through the trees. And that, indeed, is no simple thing.

In the end, "Simplicity" is an appropriate subtitle for this album, for, simply, Rend Collective has done it again—they have soared.

Simple and Authentic


This is classic Rend Collective - unweildy and raw authentic worship. They say that this record is a detox for them from full production worship like on their last 2 records... well I love them with a full band or right here with just some acoustic instruments! They shine as the best creative and passionate worship band on the planet. This is even better than the first Campfire record and the songs are the best I've heard from them. Can't wait to get round a fire with my community and sing these at the top of my lungs!!!

About Rend Collective

A modern praise & worship band out of Northern Ireland, the Rend Collective (formerly known as the Rend Collective Experiment) is exactly what the name says, more a spiritual and creative collective than a band per se, blending praise lyrics with a kind of experimental folk-rock approach. Growing out of a group of Christian friends looking for a way to bring spirituality more in line with the complexities and confusions of life in the 21st century, the band, at least when it tours, consists primarily of drummer Gareth Gilkeson, vocalists and singers Will Herron and Chris Llewellyn, percussionist and keyboardist Ali Gilkeson, horn player and accordionist Bridget Herron, and bassist Patrick Thompson. Recorded mostly in churches and homes, debut album Organic Family Hymnal appeared in 2010, followed by Homemade Worship by Handmade People in 2012, both released by Kingsway Music. A live set, Soul Survivor & Momentum - Kingdom Come: Live 2012, also appeared later that year from Integrity Music, which also released Campfire early in 2013. The Art of Celebration, which hit the Billboard 200 Top 15 and U.K. Top 30, arrived in 2014, along with a holiday album, Campfire Christmas, Vol. 1. Their fifth studio album, As Family We Go, was issued in the summer of 2015. The following year the group released Campfire II: Simplicity, a sequel to their 2013 album. Their first best-of collection, Build Your Kingdom Here (dubbed a "mixtape" by the band), arrived hot on its heels in 2017. ~ Steve Leggett

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