11 Songs, 52 Minutes


About Pinhani

Pinhani is based on multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Sinan Kaynakçi and bass guitarist Zeynep Eylül Üçer. After many years of working with local cover bands, Kaynakçi sent his demo to renowned guitarist Akin Eldes in 2004. A year later the debut album was recorded by Tanju Duru with the addition of Cem Aksel as a session drummer. When his debut album Inandigin Masallar was released in 2006, it wasn't an instant winner although it contained some possible hit material like "Istanbul'da," "Hele Bi Gel," "Yildizlark," and epic "Don Bak Dunyaya." Mainstream listeners were more interested in modern rock bands rather than a mellow, sophisticated, guitar-oriented singer/songwriter. However, Pinhani started playing live in every possible venue and underground club around Turkey, mostly in Istanbul, Ankara, and Eskisehir. As they delivered the multi-layered tracks from the album even better live, they quickly started building a dedicated fan base. Their breakthrough happened when "Hele Bi Gel" was featured as the title track for the popular Turkish TV series Kavak Yelleri. The band was also chosen to compose the soundtrack for the series. With prime-time media exposure, Pinhani immediately became an arena filler instead of an underground club band. They toured Turkey and preparations for their next album were begun.

Zaman Beklemez, the second album in Pinhani's discography, was released in 2008. Recorded again by Tanju Duru (who died tragically in a mountain hiking accident later that year) featuring session players Cem Aksel on drums and Demirhan Baylan on bass guitar, the album was an improvement over the first one as many brass instruments were added to the ingredients. With a fuller sound and Kaynakçi's poetic lyrics Pinhani met the expectations of the fans and media alike. The band took off for a nation-wide tour playing for 125,000 fans in 11 cities, with original members Zeynep Eylül Üçer and also new additions to the lineup Hami Unlu (drums), Selim Aydin (guitar/keyboard), Ceyhun Kaya (wind instruments), and Can Ömer Uygan (trumpet) as well as guest appearances from Aksel and Baylan. ~ Vefik Karaege