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Beau bee,

Can't Curse the Free is another poignant example of why I love Jetty Rae. Her lyrics painted a picture for me of blowing tumble weeds and wide open skies. I saw the dust of the desert sand kick up in the wind as her voice took me on a journey reaching parts of my soul that were barren and dry. Her lyrics of hope echo in my mind and heart and I find myself awakening to the triumphant chant that yes, I am indeed growing cleaner and brighter, stronger and wiser each new day. I love the instrumentation and her lyrics as always but something in this new sound excited me so much that I can't wait to hear the rest of the album! Bravo Jetty Rae!



I'm loving the new Jetty Rae (as well as the old). Complex, mature, and depth. I sense that this new release comes with a lot of background story, life story. Something is different in this new release and it's translating into stunning music. Can't get enough.

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