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Great tunes


Songs fit the movie very well...not like Cars 1 soundtrack but still easy on the ears. Brad Paisley is a song writing genius! Shininggumbreon go back to listening to your Chainsmokers and Flo Rida.

Jorge Blanco!


Okay, so, the original Cars was one of Disney/Pixar's best films. It was such a heartfelt story and you could feel that through its soundtrack. Our Town by James Taylor cannot be topped, and it never will be.
I'm not hating on the second one, but it was a bit of a letdown. Musically, too. Weezer + Cars 2 (which wasn't even following the same plot line)? No thanks. This album confuses me. It's a paradox. Jorge Blanco? I love the guy, but... Cars 3? A Beatles cover? What is going on?