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4.7 out of 5
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1.9K Ratings
AlexKristin ,


Lacey is amazing, with occasional screaming and constant rocking, she is one of the best rock female voices out there. Now to the songs themselves.
-I'm So Sick - Starts out soft voice backed by bass then kicks in with the scream *BREAK* and the full band behind Lacey. Not to mention creative lyrics. *With my screaming in your itching ears.*
-Fully Alive - The band is amazing in this song. The intro is very cool with the switch between speakers (kinda freaky when first heard with headphones). One of my favorites with an awesome video to go with it. *Telling Layla's story spoken, 'bout how all her bones are broken.*
-Perfect - Interesting lyrics with the almost oxymoronic line *Perfect in weakness*. Very cool beat and guitar.
-Cassie - Lacey sounds really great in this song. With a powerful message based on a true story. I love the end whispered *I will pull the trigger*.
-Sorrow - One of my favorite songs for sure. The lyrics are genius and beautiful. Ending with the scream *Joy will come*. It's mostly about people who deal with depression. *Like the moonless dark, meant to make me strong.*
-I'm Sorry - This song is about moving on from abuse and drugs. *I'm not ashamed of the long December.*
-All Around Me - Right now my absolute favorite on the album. It's so pretty; it's supposedly about God and about being in love. Lacey sounds great during this song. *I feel you on my fingertips and my tongue dances behind my lips for you.*
-Red Sam - About finding God for the first time. How He's always there even though some don't want to. *The warmth of your embrace, Melts my frostbitten spirit. You speak the truth and I hear it.*
-There For You - Starts out soft and gets a little louder. Almost always on repeat it's about true friendship. *Swirling shades of blue, Slow dancing in your eyes.*
-Breathe Today - A hard rocker almost with an anti-conformist theme. *You can only move as fast as who's in front of you. And if you assume, just like them, what good will it do.*
-So I Thought - Second favorite on the album for sure. The softest song on here with sweet, beautiful lyrics. SO many favorite lines in this song. *All your twisted thoughts free flow, to everlasting memories show soul.* *Ignorance is bliss cherish it, Pretty neighborhoods you learn too much to hold.* *And fight the tears with pretty smiles and lies about the times.* *Choris Romance says goodnight, close your eyes and I'll close mine.*

ino-nutz ,

Cassie is Based on the Columbine Shootings

The singer is saying that Cssie pulled the trigger because she answered yes to the question "Do you belive in God?", and thats what made the gunman shoot her. Because She answered yes.

(serendipity) ,


For the new Flyleaf listeners, this cd is perfection...well, as perfect as a cd can be. The first half of the cd are their original songs while the other is acoustic versions (including the music videos). When your having a bad day, and all you want is to calm down, put on an acoustic version of your favorite song and let Flyleaf carry you away. Also, Flyleaf is a Christian band and gives listeners hope. I highly recommend this cd to those who love rock, but like to relax with the smooth acoustic guitar from time to time.

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