27 Songs, 58 Minutes


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3.8 out of 5
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12 Ratings
Jiano Joel

Generic Trailer Music :(

Michiru Yamane created a world in her castlevania theme full of color and the music till this day is legendary because it has its own identity.. Fast forward into the future .. this main theme has no identity and no substance.. its a mixture of generic plugins recorded on a standard DAW.. this breaks my heart because this is Castlevania !! I wish I would have wrote this score myself .. sorry just being honest here.



While different from the more classic Castlevania soundtracks from the games, this is still noting to thumb your nose at.


It's great

At certain points this soundtrack has this 80's sensibility that I really dig. It's this here-and-there use of, I dunno, the synthesizer. I'm just a sucker for that. I have a new Favorite Soundtrack Composer in Trevor Morris, and I haven't had a new one in like 20 years.

About Trevor Morris

An award-winning film, television, and video game composer whose credits include The Tudors, The Borgias, Pillars of the Earth, and Vikings, Trevor Morris was born in London, Ontario. A student of the arts from a very young age, Morris' first foray into commissioned work was to compose a piece for his graduating class to perform in honor of the arrival of Pope John Paul II in Canada. He was 13 at the time and received 50 dollars. After graduating at the top of his class from Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology, Morris moved to Toronto, where he honed his skills in both production and composition, eventually shifting his focus solely on the latter. Upon relocating to Los Angeles, California, he began working alongside James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer, eventually securing a spot on Zimmer's team, with whom he would amass a considerable amount of blockbuster screen credits. In 2007 he received an Emmy Award for his theme for the Showtime period television drama The Tudors. More Emmy nominations followed for his work on The Borgias and Pillars of the Earth. ~ James Christopher Monger

London, Ontario, Canada
May 25, 1970