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Thanks iTunes for finally putting this up! This album is amazing and so is Goldfish!

Freakin Great!


Its a shame no one knows these guys, or at least downloads their mp3s! Such a great band, fan since 2007, great album, only Perceptions of Pacha beats it, but still in my top albums! Listen to it people, last tango in paradise and Love and Hate are completely awesome!!!!!!!!

About GoldFish

Before changing the EDM game in South Africa as Goldfish, Dominic Peters and David Poole were mild-mannered students by day—and blew the roof off house parties by night. Their dynamite live performances, which mixed tireless house beats with jazz instrumental interludes, earned the attention of a swelling house and electronic music fan base. As their fame grew, so did their scope, scouring obscure sources for unique and cheeky samples that they twisted into endlessly fun hooks and choruses. Stirring African rhythms and melodies into the mix helped Goldfish evolve a uniquely South African house sound. Their burnished grooves are rooted in pure pop pleasure, invoking consequence-free dance explosions (without next-day regret). And a consistent string of chart-topping hits—and festival appearances as far flung as Miami and Ibiza—has helped Goldfish become one of the most influential groups in global electronic music.

    Cape Town, South Africa

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