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4.4 out of 5
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264 Ratings
mattie von bee ,

glossed up productions with the same genius lyrics

Even though it has been nearly seven years after Courtney Love, and her band "Hole" released "Celebrity Skin," I still feel a startling attraction to it. Much more commerical and much more glazed than their second crtically acclaimed studio album "Live Through This," and yet it still has a similar effect on me. Love takes your to hell and back and sometimes with it's catchy melodies you get lost. "Celebrity Skin" is alternative pop perfection, as well is Awful. I'm a HUGE fan of Courtney Love and not one of her albums has yet to disappoint me. I have listened to this CD practically every morning of my life. Many of the tracks are Cobain inspired and are still just as brutally raw. Anyone who questions Courtney's talents should be cruifixied after reading her lyrics on any of her releases.

lollipop ,

It's a shame...

..that Courtney Love can't keep it together for more extended periods of time. This album shows the potential that was there, and what was lost. Solid from beginning to end. "Malibu" and "Boys On The Radio" are classics.

Eighteen_Days ,


I only knew Courtney Love as the co-author of the manga series, Princess Ai. But, when I looked her up, I found her to be also the lead singer in this rock band. Figuring that she had left 'the rock life' because she wasn't very good, I just found out otherwise. Her voice is almost hypnotizing, like another string on the guitar's chords, melting in with the song. Truly, solely, amazing. I absolutely HAD to download the CD because I knew it would bug me if I only bought one song. I give it a DEFINITE five stars.

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