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4.8 out of 5
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200 Ratings
Deron ,

Excellent Industrial Album with Good Variety

Those who are fans of Circle of Dust, Brainchild, Klank, and Argyle Park will appreciate this album, particularly since he's hand his hand in the making of these albums (either writing for or producing). At it's heart, Celldweller's self-titled album is an industrial album, although the music isn't quite as heavy as what we've heard in Brainchild, Circle of Dust, or Klank's first album. However, Celldweller seems to rely on his song-writing techniques and clever melodies, and doesn't feel the need to pummel you with intense metal that we heard on Brainchild's album. This album's strengths lie in its variety, its well-written songs, and good production values. And coming in at over an hour's worth of music, you get your money's worth. Although not a monumental album, certainly better than average: I give it 4 stars.

TheJadeMachine ,

No Title can describe this expierience!!!

This album has to be one of the best albums I have ever heard...EVER! (Not THE Best but certainly a contender)
Get it, and dont think twice!!! Be fortunate that whatever higher power you may or may not believe in blessed you enough to be at this moment right now with the option to purchase this amazing album. Every track will blow your mind in ways that will have you saying, damn, I never knew it was possible for a band to do that! The guy who wrote the main review is full of it, the artificiall essence is what separates cell dweller from trent reznor (Whom I also love and respect) and that is not a bad thing, it takes cell dweller to an alternate universe separate from that of NIN giving it life and substance of its own.
If you've ever wondered what would happen if you took the core essence of bands like the deftones, korn, linkin park, Oldd school incubus, Orgy, and other such rock acts, combined it with BT and tiesto, then combined it with the feel of risks only taken in the underground, only to add it all with the voice and personality of cell dweller's lead singer (one I must say brings me back to the warmth of crossfades two vocalists) you might have a small idea of what this album sounds like.
But even then, Its not enough to know that, this album will take you on a journey youll find yourself going back to on a regular basis.
The only flaw I see in this album is that there are moments in which this band takes blatant liberties in taking and using the sound of its influences as if they were that band (Either that or corey talor from slipknot is a guest vocalist and stef from the deftones stepped in for a jam). But as bad as that sounds, it really is something you have to hear, because in many ways, this band has "Pesi"d the coke of its recources providing new twists to old tired concepts. Its the magic of combining genres so effectively.
The last time I felt this good about an album, I purchased Hybrid theory from Linkin park. Back before linkin park sold thier sound for emo dollars, I told myself that if any band was more succesful at combining genres than that band I would drop L.P. like a bad habbit. This would have been that band!!! BUY IT NOW!!! Give celldweller a reason to put out something better than this!!!

TheDeron ,

Excellent Techno+Metal Mix

Frozen, Switchback, I Believe You, and Stay With Me (Unlikely) are the strongest songs, but like others have said, it is a good album all the way through - something that seems to becoming a rarity in the day of one-hit-wonders and iTunes. Buy the album and enjoy it in its full intensity. For a buck more than the download, I bought the real CD and enjoyed the jacket art as the "extra" for the dollar.

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