"Centennial (Newly Discovered Works of Gil Evans)" by Gil Evans Project on iTunes

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This album is Mastered for iTunes.


This album is Mastered for iTunes.

Mastered for iTunes
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Ava Lindenmaier,

My pick for cd of the year. Ryan Truesdell has artfully and thoughtfully brought these recently discovered gems forward with grace and genius.

They are finally here!


I am in love with this album. As if there aren’t enough incredible recordings of Evans’ music out there already! I can only imagine sifting through pages of these scores, trying to hear things as Gil did. His spirit lives on through all this music.

I was fortunate enough to see this four sets of this band at the Jazz Standard about a month back. So many wonderful moments, I cannot wait to hear the next album.

Thank you so much Ryan for putting this together. Gil would be so happy with the musicians and song selection.

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