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Whaa? Yeh ...

Phil 22,

I don't understand the words but I like the delivery! I bought this after hearing Kusu Kalkmaz but I skip that one now, the rest are so good :)

Sultana - Cerkez Kizi - Fabulous stuff!!


Turkish hip-hop diva Sultana DEFINITELY lives up to her name. With her international hit Kusu Kalkmaz, you can't go wrong. You could pay $10.00 for that song alone...but for the money you get Cerkez Kizi, Filo Sepet and all the others.

About Sultana

Turkish pop singer Sultana made some waves in summer 2000 when her single "Kusu Kalkmaz" was banned by the country's Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTUK) for being too sexually explicit. (The song's title translates loosely as "Can't Get It Up," so you can see the RTUK's point.) Naturally, the controversy only boosted demand for Sultana's sultry blend of brassy hip-hop flow with traditional Turkish rhythms and downtempo electronica. The vocalist -- who rapped in both Turkish and English -- went on to perform with notable free funk pioneers Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Burhan Oçal, as well as participate in tours of both Europe and America supporting her full-length Doublemoon debut, Çerkez Kizi. Momentum continued to build, and Çerkez Kizi eventually saw widespread release in both the U.K. and America. In 2003, Sultana worked with Delerium, contributing vocals to that group's Chimera LP. ~ Johnny Loftus

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