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About Two

The group Two are in fact just two people (vocalist Rob Halford and guitarist John Lowery). Halford, of course, was the lead singer of Judas Priest for nearly 20 years. After leaving the band in 1991 to pursue "different musical ideas," he formed the band Fight. Surprisingly, Fight was nearly a carbon copy of Priest, minus the former's commercial success; Fight disbanded after two unsuccessful albums. With the techno-alternative scene thriving, Halford tried his hand at composing electronic music. The results were indeed better than Fight, so Rob hunted down Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor to play his new music (Halford actually showed up unannounced at Reznor's doorstep for the musical introduction). Reznor was so impressed that he immediately signed him to his Nothing label, and was the executive producer of Two's debut, Voyeurs. Guitarist Lowery joined Halford, while almost all of the other instruments were supplied by machinery. Reznor did his part by promoting the band in articles and interviews intended for NIN. It will be interesting to see if the public will accept onetime metal god Halford as a newly made-over techno icon, or if Two will suffer the same fate as Fight. ~ Greg Prato



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