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Holy Craftsmanship!

Matt Hartke,

You can tell there's a passionate intentionality about every detail here. These guys combine "sacred" and "artistry" in a way that few acts manage to do in these days of heartless commercialism. This is an immersive, cohesive record that tells a story each time you listen to it. There aren't that many albums in the history of Christian music that actually sound like albums, as opposed to merely a jumbled collection of singles, and this one (along with their first full-length effort) stands out with the proud and few. The deep sense of intentionality in every song and in every note, and the way each contributes to the overall experience and aftertaste, helps reinforce one of the most important elements of any record: playback value. This won't be leaving my speakers any time soon.

Love it!!


The story of God and man powerfully told! Eternal sounds and eternal Truth bringing forth eternal Life!

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