19 Songs, 56 Minutes

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Oompa Loompa Doompa Dee Do, I've got an awesome album for you!


This show is absolutely incredible! I saw it May 30th and it lived up to expections from being a fan of the London production (who's album I also reccomend you check out as well as this one) This album truly has, I gaurentee, at least one song you will enjoy (If not allo of them!) From the classics ; The Candy Man, I've Got a Golden Ticket, Oompa Loompa, and Pure imagination; to new favorites (some of my personal ones are the darkly humerus "Auf Wiedersehn Augustus Gloop," to the party style "When Willy Met Oompa," and the nightmarish "Veruca's Nutracker Sweet." Jackie Hoffman gives a standout preformance as Mrs. Teavee with her hilariously satirical song "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" F. Michael Haynie is grossly hysterical as Augustus Gloop with his song "More of Him To Love," along with his mother equally hysterically portrayed by Kathy Fitzgerald. And of course the mad genious himself (Mr. Christian Borle) beautifuly sings he showstopping finale "The Veiw From Here," Along with Charlie (adorably portrayed by three different boys on alternting on different tracks) [Jake Ryan Flynn, Ryan Sell, & Ryan Foust] To make a long story short please purchase this album... but it must be believed to be heard



This is amazing love it